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DD Returns Movie In Hindi Filmyzilla, Filmywap, Mp4moviez – Netflix’s 2023 true-crime docuseries is titled The Hunt for Veerappan. The four-part documentary, which will be directed by Selvamani Selvaraj and produced by Apoorva Bakshi & Monisha Thyagarajan, will examine the little-known origins of the infamous Indian bandit-converted domestic terrorist Veerappan.

The Hunt For Veerappan Movie Download 1080p, 720p, 480p
The Hunt For Veerappan Movie Download 1080p, 720p, 480p

The Hunt For Veerappan Story

The Hunt For Veerappan Movie Cast

Vijetha Vasista
Suresh Oberoi
Kishore Kumar G.

The Hunt For Veerappan Crew

DirectorSelvamani Selvaraj
Based onVeerappan
WriterApoorva Bakshi, Forrest Borie, Kimberley Hassett, Selvamani Selvaraj
ProducerApoorva Bakshi
CinematographyMonisha Thyagarajan
Udit Khurana
David Bolen
Gururaj Dixit
Edited By
Music By
Awedacious Originals

The Hunt For Veerappan Review

Although villains can be cunning, abusive, and disloyal, these behaviors must not be encouraged in films or television programs. In spite of Shahid Kapoor’s by this point well-rehearsed defense, understanding when a movie does this can be a difficult task, which is why something like Kabir Singh will always be tough. It doesn’t matter if Kabir also endured pain in addition to the victim of his assault and gaslighting. Making a movie about a repulsive individual wasn’t the issue; rather, the issue was that the film didn’t appear to think what he was doing was repulsive. The new Netflix documentary series The Hunt for Veerappan features a similar conundrum.

The four-part series makes a point of portraying Veerappan as the violent gangster he was, but because of its overt contempt for police officers and the other authorities tasked with bringing him to punishment, it occasionally comes out as a bit fangirlish. Although true-crime documentaries are particularly popular right now, fact-based storytelling must make an effort to avoid glorifying evil individuals, yet in many respects, they struggle more than fiction.

A viewer’s understanding of the narrative can be changed by a straightforward editing decision, a fleeting musical cue, or simply the option to give one talking head more screen time than another. Selvamani Selvaraj makes the unmistakably brave decision to convey his true feelings through including an essential verbal comment made by the man interviewing Veerappan’s widow who states that the way the gangster was killed wasn’t “brave” after a moderately entertaining three and a half hours during which you can almost sense Selvamani Selvaraj filled at the seams to appreciate Veerappan’s fortitude.

The fact that the show is effectively criticizing the dubious tactics the police employed to bring Veerappan down complicates this situation. Even while this doesn’t necessarily support Veerappan’s actions, it indicts the government nonetheless. But the entire show teeters on an edgey edge. It has someone comparing the feared criminal to revolutionaries like Che Guevara and Fidel Castro on one occasion; in another, he is portrayed as a character akin to Robin Hood. It’s also very obvious that Veerappan imagined himself to be a forest-dwelling demigod similar to Kantara’s protagonist. Again, the choice to include sequences like this ensures that the words spoken there will always influence how you feel about Veerappan.

Then there are the protracted scenes where Veerappan’s widow, who may have the most screen time of anyone, describes her version of what happened before he was killed. She alleges that after being caught, the Karnataka Police tortured her in a particularly horrifying scenario. A major focus of the program is the cultural and political tensions between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. During the 1980s and 1990s, when Veerappan was at the height of his notoriety and is alleged to have killed over a thousand elephants and over a hundred persons, he snuck covertly between the two states.

The authorities tried a number of fresh tactics to catch him after initially underestimating his cunningness, but all they had to show for it was a trail of dead coworkers. The show implies that Veerappan was put to death after all else had failed. This wasn’t just an encounter killing, which is (right) a contentious law enforcement strategy in and of itself. Veerappan’s killing was intended to appear like a shootout, the show says, and he could have been shot at close range. A strong rebuttal to the more prevalent representation of policing in Indian cinema, it is a disturbing scenario.

The episode of the show devoted to what was undoubtedly Veerappan’s most notorious deed—the kidnapping of Kannada superstar Dr. Rajkumar—is another gem. Funny enough, Ram Gopal Varma’s film from a few years ago included Shiva Rajkumar, Rajkumar’s son, as the officer in charge of arranging Veerappan’s encounter. But the absence of any members of the Rajkumar family from the documentary feels like a lost opportunity. We do, however, hear about the entire incident from a variety of different people, primarily the police. Additionally highlighted are Veerappan’s politically charged demands, which further legitimize his criminal behavior.

The Hunt for Veerappan may not be as well-produced as the true crime programming we have grown accustomed to, and it makes a number of morally questionable decisions, but it also sparks some admittedly significant conversations about power abuse, law enforcement, and arrogance. And it ought to be plenty for its audience.

The Hunt For Veerappan Trailer

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