The Exorcist Film Series Movies, Filmyzilla, Filmywap

The Exorcist Film Series Movies, Filmyzilla, Filmywap

The Exorcist Film Series Movies, Filmyzilla, Filmywap – William Peter Blatty’s 1971 novel of the same name served as the inspiration for William Friedkin’s 1973 American supernatural horror picture The Exorcist, which he also directed.

The Exorcist Film Series Movies, Filmyzilla, Filmywap
The Exorcist Film Series Movies, Filmyzilla, Filmywap

Ellen Burstyn, Max von Sydow, Jason Miller, and Linda Blair are the movie’s stars. The plot centers on a young girl who becomes possessed by a demon, and her mother’s attempt to free her by having two Catholic priests perform an exorcism.

The Exorcist Story

William Peter Blatty’s horror novel “The Exorcist” was published in 1971 and afterwards turned into a hugely popular movie that was released in 1973. Regan MacNeil, a little girl, is possessed in the plot, and efforts are made to rid her of the demonic force that has hold of her.

The book and movie are partially based on a real-life exorcism that involved a youngster called Roland Doe and occurred in 1949. However, Blatty’s book fictionalizes the narrative and adds new characters and circumstances.

Here is a synopsis of the narrative:

The MacNeil family resides in Georgetown, Washington, D.C., with actress Chris MacNeil and her little daughter Regan. Regan begins to act oddly, displaying violent outbursts, levitation, and speaking in unsettling tones. Chris grows more and more frantic to find a cure as doctors are unable to explain her illness.

Chris seeks assistance from Father Damien Karras, a Jesuit priest and psychiatrist, after exploring all medical possibilities. At first, Karras rules out the notion of possession and ascribes Regan’s actions to psychological problems. But when Regan’s condition worsens and she exhibits unexplainable skills, Karras starts to wonder whether she might be under demonic control.

Karras asks his superiors for approval before performing an exorcism, a rite to expel the demon. An exorcist with experience is called in to help, Father Merrin. In an effort to save Regan’s soul, the two priests engage in a spiritual struggle with the strong demon that controls her. The exorcism is difficult and taxing on the priests’ bodies and minds.

The devil torments the priests with their own troubles and misgivings during the exorcism. They eventually succeed in loosening Regan’s grip from the demon. In the pivotal scene, Father Karras offers himself as a sacrifice by allowing the demon to take possession of him rather than Regan. After freeing Regan of the demon, he kills himself by jumping out of her window.

Following Karras’ death, Father Merrin conducts the exorcism by himself and is able to drive the demon from Regan. Regan and her mother are emotionally wounded by the experience, but they are also grateful that the possession is finally gone.

The movie “The Exorcist” examines topics including faith, skepticism, and the struggle between good and evil. It had a profound effect on culture, inspiring innumerable horror movies and becoming as a standard in the field. Both the original novel and the adapted movie are renowned for their vivid and frightful depictions of demonic possession and exorcism.

The Exorcist Cast

Ellen BurstynChris MacNeil
Max von SydowFather Merrin
Lee J. CobbLt. Kinderman
Kitty WinnSharon
Jack MacGowranBurke Dennings
Jason MillerFather Karras
Linda BlairRegan
William O’MalleyFather Dyer (as Reverend William O’Malley S.J.)

The Exorcist Crew

DirectorWilliam Friedkin
WriterWilliam Peter Blatty

(written for the screen by)
William Peter Blatty

ProducerWilliam Peter Blatty

Noel Marshall

executive producer
David Salven

associate producer
CinematographyOwen Roizman
Edited ByNorman Gay

Evan A. Lottman

(as Evan Lottman)
Music ByJack Nitzsche
Production companiesHoya Productions

The Exorcist Review

One of the best films to come out of the 1970s, The Exorcist, deserves better than to be steadily dropping down the list of the top 250. This is more than just a horror movie; it’s one of those fundamental movies you have to see to grasp what a movie really is. Unfortunately, a lot of people are complaining that the movie was boring. I suppose this is because they were expecting a scary movie, people! This is a narrative about ordinary folks in an ordinary house, and upstairs there is a young girl who just so happens to be imprisoned by “The devil himself.” This is not a slasher film, and this is not some terrifying Michael Myers that you can shoot. When faith is weakened, anything can happen because it is such a powerful force.

starting with the actors: Chris McNeil, an actress working on a movie in Washington, D.C., is portrayed by Ellen Burstyn. Regan, the young child who is possessed, is her child. When Chris begged Father Karras to assist her with Regan, I was so moved by her anguish that I almost started crying for her. Regan won’t get sick; just give her a medication, and everything will be OK. At a later point in the movie, she tells Father Karras, “You show me Regan’s double, same face, same voice, everything.” And I’d be able to tell it wasn’t Regan. I’d have a gut feeling.

Please confirm for me that you are certain that my daughter is healthy overall, not just mentally. You affirm to me that an exorcism would be ineffective. You tell me that!” shot chills down my spine; this woman is aware of Regan’s requirements and is prepared to take any necessary action.

Linda Blair, who portrays Regan, was incredibly good for a 12-year-old actress. One of the scariest images of the 1970s and even now is of this little girl with the apple face. Although she swears, this small girl is not frightening because she is being controlled by powers that she has no business being aware of.

For a person who had never performed in front of an audience professionally, Jason Miller was truly remarkable as Father Karras, a priest whose faith had just been tested by the death of his mother. In spite of being in his early 20s and portraying a guy in his 90s, Max Von Sydow was incredibly forceful as Father Merrin. He should have won an Oscar because of how magnificent and believable he was in the exorcism scene.

The Exorcist Trailer

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