Saamy 2 Full Movie Download in Hindi Dubbed Filmyzilla, Mp4moviez, Khatrimaza

Saamy 2 Full Movie Download in Hindi Dubbed Filmyzilla, Mp4moviez, Khatrimaza

Saamy 2 Full Movie Download in Hindi Dubbed Filmyzilla, Mp4moviez, Khatrimaza – Action movie Saamy 2 is a 2018 Tamil-language production from India that was written, directed, and produced by Shibu Thameens. With Keerthy Suresh and Aishwarya Rajesh playing the male protagonists and Bobby Simha, Prabhu, and Soori playing supporting roles, it stars Vikram in a dual role as a father and son.

Saamy 2 Full Movie Download in Hindi Dubbed Filmyzilla, Mp4moviez, Khatrimaza
Saamy 2 Full Movie Download in Hindi Dubbed Filmyzilla, Mp4moviez, Khatrimaza

The movie is a continuation of the 2003 movie Saamy. The movie opened in theaters on September 21, 2018. Saamy 2 received unfavorable reviews from critics who bemoaned its inferior standards and out-of-date humor, screenplay, soundtrack, and storyline in comparison to the previous film. The cast’s performances, particularly Vikram’s, were praised.

Saamy 2 Story

The 2018 Indian action movie “Saamy Square,” often referred to as “Saamy 2,” was helmed by Hari. The sequel to the 2003 movie “Saamy” has Vikram in the lead role, continuing his role as the stern and upright police officer Aarusaamy. In supporting parts, the movie also stars Prabhu, Bobby Simha, and Keerthy Suresh.

Summary of Plot:

The tale of “Saamy Square” continues the adventures of Aarusaamy, a devoted and unyielding police officer who is committed to protecting justice and battling corruption. In this chapter, Aarusaamy is still going for criminals with his unwavering tenacity despite being the Deputy Commissioner of Police in Tirunelveli.

The fight between Aarusaamy and Ravana Pichai (played by Bobby Simha), a vicious and powerful politician engaged in criminal activity, centers on the plot of the movie. Aarusaamy’s beliefs are contested by Ravana Pichai, who also makes attempts to take advantage of the system.

The bond between Aarusaamy and his law student son Ramasaamy (also portrayed by Vikram) is an important aspect of the narrative. As a result of Ramasaamy’s desire to take a different path and his father’s reputation as a rigorous and authoritarian police officer, tension develops between the two.

Family, duty, and the difficulties of upholding integrity in the face of corruption are all topics that are explored in the movie. The plot explores the conflict between justice and exploitation as Aarusaamy faces Ravana Pichai and his nefarious operations.

High-speed action scenes, heated confrontations, and filmmaker Hari’s signature flair are all present in “Saamy Square”. Since their relationship forms the focus of the plot, Vikram’s dual role as both the father and the son gives an emotional depth to the tale.

Although “Saamy Square” was anticipated because it was the follow-up to the popular “Saamy,” critics and viewers had different opinions about it. While some people enjoyed the action and performances, others thought it fell short of the impact of its predecessor.

Saamy 2 Cast

VikramACP Ramsaamy / DCP Aarusaamy
Keerthy SureshDiya Viswanathan
Aishwarya RajeshBhuvana
Bobby SimhaRaavana Pichai
PrabhuG. Viswanathan
Ramesh Khanna‘Punctuality’ Paramasivam
O.A.K. SunderMahendra Pichai

Saamy 2 Crew

Directed byHari
Written byHari
Produced byShibu Thameens
Edited byV. T. Vijayan
T. S. Jay
Music byDevi Sri Prasad
Production companyThameens Films

Saamy 2 Review

What exactly is wrong with Vikram right now? Since the hugely successful blockbuster ANNIYAN, all of his cinematic selections have either flopped or vanished into thin air. Although we are aware of his incredible talent, why is he one of the select few who continues to produce more duds than hits?

The most recent is SAAMY SQUARE, a terrible sequel. no less than Hari’s direction. You’d think the original filmmaker, who prepared the way for one of the Masala greats of 2003, would do the same for the sequel given that he produced additional SINGAM series movies at a rate of 10 times the volume at fast speed.

Nope. Cracks can be seen. First, a summary of SAAMY. Trisha, who had agreed to return in the sequel, eventually decided against it and pulled out (which was a wise decision). Result? Aishwarya Rajesh was cast and digitally inserted into SAAMY’s pivotal sequences, causing the movie to be retconned. Of course, you can’t deceive the TN audience (or perhaps the Bollywood audience).

The son of Perumal Pitchai, played by Bobby Simha (Kota Srinivasa Rao in the iconic original), will follow. Result? More stern, constipated facial expressions, louder volume, and less focus on performance.

Now that that has been addressed, how about some foot-tapping songs by HARRIS JAYARAJ? Prior to debut, he had also agreed to work on the sequel; however, DEVI SRI PRASAD took his position. Result? Not even one decent song.

The tale? What tale? Oh, you’re referring to the plot in which Aarusaamy dies in the first half and his relative, an IAS officer in Delhi who is also portrayed by Vikram, then becomes “possessed” by Aarusaamy’s ghost of wrath from the past and goes on a “Jaisa Baap, waisa Beta” rampage? Yes, that is essentially the plot. Oh, and Soori and Keerthy Suresh are also in this one, but they are just annoyances and offer nothing to the story.

Vikram continues to choose films poorly, whereas Kamal Haasan and other industry veterans who have made a name for themselves in the industry deserve more praise and recognition than they now receive. Instead, the TN audience keeps falling for the scam and outperforms these naive masalas.

Saamy 2 Trailer

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