Lift Full Movie Download in Hindi Filmyzilla, Mp4moviez, HD 720p

Lift Full Movie Download in Hindi Filmyzilla, Mp4moviez, HD 720p

Lift Full Movie Download in Hindi Filmyzilla, Mp4moviez, HD 720p – In his feature film debut, Vineeth Varaprasad wrote and directed the horror thriller Lift in the Indian Tamil language. Gayathri Reddy, Amritha Aiyer, and Kavin all appear in the movie. On October 1st, 2021, it was immediately launched via Disney+ Hotstar. The majority of the reviews for the movie were positive, and critics agreed that the main cast’s performance was just about the best thing about it.

Lift Full Movie Download in Hindi Filmyzilla, Mp4moviez, HD 720p
Lift Full Movie Download in Hindi Filmyzilla, Mp4moviez, HD 720p

Lift Story

The actors of Vineeth Varaprasad’s Tamil horror movie Lift (2021) include Kavin, Amritha Aiyer, Gayathri Reddy, and Kiran. Guru Prasad (Kavin), a new team leader in a Chennai-based IT company, is the subject of the movie. Guru is distant with his team mates, but Harini (Amritha Aiyer), a brand-new HR manager, is intrigued by him.

Everyone leaves at the end of the day’s work except for Guru, who receives a crucial assignment from the VP, and a few security personnel. Guru tries to use the lift after finishing his task. But it breaks down, and he falls to a random floor.

He has a number of strange occurrences and later sees a security guard kill himself by slashing his own throat. The terrified Guru makes many unsuccessful attempts to get away.

The following day, Guru brings Harini back to work. When they discover the security guard’s body, they discover that he was Tara (Gayathri Reddy), a former worker who perished in a fire. In the records room, Guru and Harini also discover a game with patterns. They think the game holds the key to solving the enigma surrounding the haunted lift.

Guru and Harini discover more about the tale of Sundar (Kiran) and Tara as they carry out their investigation. Software engineer Sundar fell head over heels for Tara. However, Tara’s parents forbade their relationship. Eventually, Sundar and Tara fled but were murdered in a vehicle accident.

The ghosts of Sundar and Tara are finally discovered by Guru and Harini to be residing in the elevator. Through the structured game, the ghosts are attempting to get their attention. To release the ghosts and lift the curse, Guru and Harini must figure out the game.

Guru and Harini successfully finish the game and release the spirits at the end. Guru and Harini are allowed to continue living their lives because the elevator is no longer haunted.

A commercial triumph, the movie made over 10 crore at the box office. The cast’s performances and the gripping plot received high appreciation.

Lift Cast

Amritha AiyerHarini
Kiran KondaSundar
Gayathri ReddyTara
Balaji VenugopalBalaji
Abdool LeeParthasarathy

Lift Crew

Directed byVineeth Varaprasad
Written byVineeth Varaprasad
Produced byHepzi
CinematographyS. Yuva
Edited byG. Madan
Music byBritto Michael
Production companyEkaa Entertainment

Lift Review

In Tamil cinema, there is no shortage of horror movies, hence developing original concepts under this premise is quite an accomplishment. Lift, starring Kavin, does its best to live up to the hype in some respects.

Director Vineeth Varaprasad is clear from the start that his goal is to merely give jump scares rather than concentrating on the central concept of the world he has built. Even halfway through the movie, Vineeth takes his time to get into the tale, albeit occasionally being successful in generating goosebumps.

Guru (Kavin), an IT expert, is introduced in the movie as a team leader who has been transferred to the Chennai branch. He meets HR specialist Harini (Amritha Aiyer), with whom he had a troubled past.

Guru, who is renowned for his commitment to his profession, stays late to finish a project summary for a client. He is astonished by a number of paranormal occurrences, which prevent him from leaving the office. By acting independently and terrifying him to death, the lift contributes much to the horror genre.

Just before the first half ends, he just so happens to run upon Harini, who is also for some reason trapped on the same floor. The remainder of the movie provides an explanation for these horrifying happenings and determines whether they are stopped or not.

Lift might appear a little intriguing to someone who has never experienced typical jump scares or spooky things. Otherwise, the plot is weak, and the actions make it difficult for the audience to empathize with the trapped victims.

The backstory is powerful and highly striking, but when it is only given at the very end, it loses its meaning. To keep the audience interested, traces of it have to have been introduced far in advance. The first half also begs the question of why, despite having most of its surroundings under control, the spirit is unable to fully realize its objective.

The captivating background music by Britto Michael fits the movie’s theme well. S Yuva’s cinematography is condensed and adept at keeping our interest while vividly bringing confined spaces to life. It would have been difficult to shoot a large chunk of the movie in a lift, but the crew succeeded to a greater extent.

Kavin is the movie’s main asset, and it appears to be a promising comeback for him. He gives a quiet performance and, for the most part, makes his character’s struggle genuine. Amritha Aiyer gives off a youthful appearance, and her performance is noteworthy. She has enhanced the protagonist’s character by adding a little realism.

It was a great idea for the filmmaker to highlight the predicament of IT professionals and their conflict with management. In general, the movie had its moments. but with better writing, it could have been lot better.

Lift Trailer

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