Kanchana 3 Full Movie Download in Hindi Filmyzilla, Khatrimaza, Filmywap

Kanchana 3 Full Movie Download in Hindi Filmyzilla, Khatrimaza, Filmywap

Kanchana 3 Full Movie Download in Hindi Filmyzilla, Khatrimaza, Filmywap – A 2019 Tamil horror/revenge film is titled Kanchana 3. Raghava Lawrence directed the motion picture. Lawrence, Oviya, and Vedhika play the three main characters. Sun Pictures was the producer. It is the third Kanchana series installment and the fourth section of the Muni series.

Kanchana 3 Full Movie Download in Hindi Filmyzilla, Khatrimaza, Filmywap
Kanchana 3 Full Movie Download in Hindi Filmyzilla, Khatrimaza, Filmywap

In October 2017, the film’s production got underway. It was made available on April 19. It garnered overwhelmingly good feedback.

Kanchana 3 Story

Raghava Lawrence, who also plays the major role, wrote and directed the 2019 Tamil-language horror comedy film titled Kanchana 3. The movie is a follow-up to Kanchana 2 (2015) and the third in the Kanchana series. Oviya, Vedika, Niki Tamboli, Soori, Kovai Sarala, Devadarshini, and Sriman are among the ensemble cast members.

Raghava, a young man who is easily alarmed, and his two friends Akash and Pandi are on a picnic when the movie opens. Raghava accidentally removes a spiritual relic that was used to fend off spirits during the picnic—a metal nail cross—from the ground.

The ghost of Kaali, a social worker who was brutally murdered by a thug named Bhavani and his gang, is enraged by this deed. With Raghava’s body in her possession, Kaali begins her quest for retribution.

When Raghava/Kaali gets to Bhavani’s residence, he kills the whole gang. He then returns to the ashram where he was murdered and confronts Shankar, the current minister and brother of Bhavani. Raghava/Kaali rejects Shankar’s attempts to buy his cooperation. After killing Shankar, Raghava/Kaali departs from the ashram.

When the movie is over, Raghava/Kaali is in his own body again. He has learned to confront his fears and is now free of the spirit of Kaali.

With over 100 crore in international sales, Kanchana 3 was a commercial success. The comedy, the action scenes, and Lawrence’s acting all received high praise. Additionally, the movie received nominations for a number of honors, including the Filmfare Award for Best Tamil Film.

Although Kanchana 4 is not yet available, it is said to be under development. Lawrence has stated that if he can come up with a strong story, he would like to make Kanchana 4.

Kanchana 3 Cast

Raghava LawrenceRaghava / Kaali
VedhikaPriya (as Vedika)
Nikki TamboliDivya
Ri Djavi AlexandraRosie, Kaali’s love interest
Kovai SaralaRaghava’s Mother
Kabir Duhan SinghBhavani

Kanchana 3 Crew

Directed byRaghava Lawrence
Written byRaghava Lawrence
Produced byKalanidhi Maran
Raghava Lawrence
Sarvesh Murari
Edited byTBA
Music byS. Thaman
Production companiesSun Pictures
Raghavendra Productions

Kanchana 3 Review

The third installment of the Kanchana franchise has been released in Kannada as a dubbed version, despite the franchise having been remade in Kannada before. Kanchana 3 provides viewers with what they are expecting: a character who is easily startled, his clumsy but loving family, a ghost that enjoys frightening people, tantrics, a touching backstory, and revenge. Unfortunately, because this has been done so frequently, the method has grown somewhat stale.

This franchise’s trademark has always been horror-comedy, and despite being over the top and loud, sequences in the earlier movies were funnier. There are not one, but five occurrences of the same jump scare situation in this movie, which merely demonstrates a lack of creativity. Additionally, the things in this movie seem even more childish, and the performers appear to be aware of this and just take their paychecks.

The three female stars’ objectification is unacceptable given that children are the film’s main target demographic. The girls are constantly referred to as “figurunga” (a reference to their figures) by nearly every character, including their parents. A character always asks the female protagonists in a scene to have sex with the hero.

Despite all of this, the movie makes an effort to pass itself off as socially conscious. The franchise’s backstory has in the past given the marginalized, such as transgender people and those with disabilities, authority. However, it appears that the impoverished were exploited in this episode in order to enhance the star’s reputation. Other actors played sympathetic roles in the previous movies, but in this one, the star himself choose to play the hero, which supports our suspicion.

Kanchana 3 Trailer

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