Guns and Gulaabs Release Time, Download Filmyzilla, Web Series, Review

Guns and Gulaabs Release Time, Download Filmyzilla, Web Series, Review

Guns and Gulaabs Release Time, Download Filmyzilla, Web Series, Review – Raj & DK are the creators and directors of the Netflix original black comedy crime thriller television series Guns & Gulaabs, which will be available in Hindi in 2023. The series is starring Rajkummar Rao, Dulquer Salmaan, Adarsh Gourav, Goutam Sharma, Gourav Sharma, and Gulshan Devaiah and was produced by D2R Films in association with Netflix.

Guns and Gulaabs Release Time, Download Filmyzilla, Web Series, Review
Guns and Gulaabs Release Time, Download Filmyzilla, Web Series, Review

The “Misfits of the World”-inspired television series combines criminality with the wistful romantic stories of the 1990s. In Hindi, the phrase Guns & Gulaabs is named after the American hard rock group Guns N’ Roses. The Netflix release date is set for August 18, 2023.

Guns and Gulaabs Story

Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D K grew up on a diet of Hindi masala films from the late Eighties and early Nineties, just like the majority of modern Indian filmmakers and authors. Guns and Gulaabs is not an exception to the rule that their creative influences can be seen in their work.

With Guns and Gulaabs, the team which brought the famous web series The Family Man to life has raised the bar for themselves. It is pulpy and somewhat self-indulgent, but the prose is funny and cinematic, holding the parallel events that are happening in the lives of the protagonists together.

Raj and DK, as they are known, manage to produce an engaging comedy-thriller in their trademark style, despite the show’s lengthy episodes and somewhat chaotic pacing.

In the fictional Gulaabganj, where cartels fight for control of the poppy crop, Guns and Gulaabs is set. The government regulates a portion of the crop for medical use, while drug lords who control the larger growers smuggle the remainder. The police superintendent is compliant and well-remunerated.

Adarsh Gourav’s Jugnu alias Chotu is the successor to Bhaisaab’s (Satish Kaushik’s) stronger cartel.

The Gulaabganj gang, which is battling their rival gang boss Nabeed in the hills, has made a significant supply agreement with the dangerous Sukanto (Rajatabha Dutta), a drug lord from Kolkata, and is under extreme pressure to deliver the consignment.

Arjun (Dulquer Salmaan), a sincere drug enforcement officer, travels to Gulaabganj with his devoted wife Pooja Gor and their little daughter Jyotsna to clean up the drug trade.

Unexpectedly, local mechanic Tipu (Rajkummar Rao) ends himself committing a crime and must seek asylum with Bhaisaab, the former gang leader of his deceased father.

Arjun’s effort to assuage his conscience and contract murderer Atmaram (Gulshan Devaiah) with nearly indestructible survival skills are also involved.

Guns and Gulaabs Cast

Dulquer Salmaan
Rajkummar Rao
Adarsh Gourav
Goutam Sharma
Gulshan Devaiah
Gourav Sharma
Krish Rao
Shreya Dhanwanthary
T.J. Bhanu
Pooja Gaur
Sanchay Goswami
Tanishq Chaudhary
Araham Sawant
Suhani Sethi
Satish Kaushik
Rajatabha Dutta

Guns and Gulaabs Crew

Directed byKrishna D.K.

(1 episode, 2023)
Raj Nidimoru

(1 episode, 2023)
Written bySumit Arora

(1 episode, 2023)
Krishna D.K.

(created by) (1 episode, 2023)
Suman Kumar

(1 episode, 2023)
Raj Nidimoru

(created by) (1 episode, 2023)
Produced bySankalp Acharekar

line producer / line producer (2 episodes, 2023)
Dimpy Agrawal

executive in charge of production (2 episodes, 2023)
Amit Mehta

Line Producer: Uttarakhand (2 episodes, 2023)
Rajat Kanti Sarkar

supervising producer (1 episode, 2023)
Krishna D.K.

producer (1 episode, 2023)
Raj Nidimoru

producer (1 episode, 2023)
CinematographyPankaj Kumar
Edited bySumeet Kotian
Music byAman Pant
Production companiesD2R Films

Guns and Gulaabs Review

After Farzi and two seasons of The Family Man, Guns & Gulaabs is the directing team of Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K.’s fourth long-form project in four years. In other words, we just exist in Raj & DK’s world of black comedy, crime, and thrillers on the Indian streaming market.

The seven-episode series is jam-packed with Raj & DK-isms, including finding humor in the frustrations of everyday life, the poetry of Hindi profanity, a massive plot with eccentric characters, satire presented as realism, old-fashioned conflicts presented as contemporary crises, dysfunctional cops, and a fantastic pan-Indian cast.

The performances are both self-serious and spoof at the same time. The choreography and cinematography are not overtly displayed in the action. The filmmaking is expertly done in a very straightforward manner.

Additionally, there is a sarcastic allusion to the idea that characters shouldn’t exist independently of their surroundings. Random onlookers and ‘unscripted’ reactions frequently appear in scenes as visual punchlines, breaking scenes free of their narrative boundaries. A drug lord’s monologue is interrupted by an agitated carpenter.

When a young child smokes the dying man’s cigarette after witnessing a murder, smoke pours out of his ripped neck with each puff. The customer whose motorcycle the lovelorn mechanic is riding notices the mechanic after he rejects him on the street, and the client’s anger turns to desperation as the technician storms off.

After following what appears to be wailing at a funeral, the camera reveals that it is actually a protracted yawn. Guns & Gulaabs locates mayhem in everyday life, and every scene unfolds as something that takes place in between grander dramatic moments, making it just as vivid and self-aware as the writers’ earlier works. The question is, does the whole outweigh the parts? The response is affirmative on paper. Onscreen, it’s a bit of a mixed bag.

Guns and Gulaabs Trailer

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