Ghost Graduation Movie Download in Hindi Mp4moviez, Filmyzilla, Filmywap, Filmymeet

Ghost Graduation Movie Download in Hindi Mp4moviez, Filmyzilla, Filmywap, Filmymeet

Ghost Graduation Movie Download in Hindi Mp4moviez, Filmyzilla, Filmywap, Filmymeet – In 2012, Spanish director Javier Ruiz Caldera released the fantasy-comedy Ghost Graduation (Spanish: Promoción fantasma).

Ghost Graduation Movie Download in Hindi Mp4moviez, Filmyzilla, Filmywap, Filmymeet
Ghost Graduation Movie Download in Hindi Mp4moviez, Filmyzilla, Filmywap, Filmymeet

Ghost Graduation Story

Spanish comedy “Ghost Graduation” (original title: “Promoción fantasma”) was published in 2012. The story of the Javier Ruiz Caldera-directed picture centers on a high school teacher who is given the task of instructing a group of spirits who are trapped in the institution because they were unable to pass their final examinations before dying.

As a new teacher at Monforte High School, Modesto (played by Ral Arévalo) is the focus of the narrative. He is unaware that the ghosts of pupils who perished in a fire many years ago haunt the school. Because they didn’t complete their education, these spirits are unable to leave the school and remain there.

Modesto quickly learns of the existence of these spirits and their unfinished business. He makes the decision to assist them in finishing their outstanding work and receiving their diplomas so they can proceed to the hereafter. Despite their playful and mischievous tendencies, the spirits begin to cooperate and learn under Modesto’s direction.

Modesto develops a bond with each ghost as he gets to know them and aids them in overcoming their unique challenges. He develops a relationship with the current students as well, despite their early resistance to his teaching strategies.

As Modesto aids the ghosts and develops a relationship with both the living and the dead, the movie includes comedy, fantasy, and touching moments. It addresses the value of education, friendship, and second chances.

The movie “Ghost Graduation” is renowned for its lighthearted humor and original take on the typical academic environment. It presents a fun blending of paranormal components and themes related to coming of age.

Ghost Graduation Cast

Raúl ArévaloModesto
Alexandra JiménezTina
Javier BódaloPinfloy
Anna CastilloÁngela
Andrea DuroMariví
Aura GarridoElsa
Àlex MarunyDani (as Alex Maruny)
Jaime OlíasJorge
Carlos ArecesOtegui

Ghost Graduation Crew

Directed byJavier Ruiz Caldera
Written byCristóbal Garrido
Adolfo Valor
Produced byFernando Bovaira

Simón de Santiago

producer (as Simón de Santiago Aréizaga)
Sandra Hermida

Eneko Lizarraga

producer (as Eneko Lizarraga Arratibel)
Edmon Roch

Francisco Sánchez Ortiz

Marta Sánchez

line producer
CinematographyArnau Valls
Edited byAlberto de Toro
Music byJavier Rodero
Production companiesCiudadano Ciskul
MOD Producciones
Think Studio
Ikiru Films

Ghost Graduation Review

The 2012 film “Promoción Fantasma” (also known as “Ghost Graduation”) surprised me by being far more enjoyable and amusing than I had anticipated.

With that said, I was fortunate enough to view the 2012 film “Promoción Fantasma” in 2021, taking the time to do so as I hadn’t done so before. However, the synopsis gave me the impression that it would be one of those comedies that are produced on a regular basis and of which I had never even heard. In spite of this, I decided to settle in and enjoy this comedy by Cristóbal Garrido and Adolfo Valor.

The tale was effectively brought to life on the screen by director Javier Ruiz Caldera, and it made for a really entertaining film. Additionally, the movie’s character gallery undoubtedly helped the film quite a little because the characters were well-rounded and memorable in addition to having a well-written and compelling tale.

However, this is hardly the kind of humor that would have you giggling so hard that you feel like wiping away tears. No, the humor in this film is subtle, but it is provided at just the right time and place to support the plot and character development.

If you have the chance to see “Promoción Fantasma” from 2012, take it. It’s worth your time and effort. I have nothing but positive things to say about this film.

“Promoción Fantasma” receives a six out of 10 star rating from me.

Ghost Graduation Trailer

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