Ghoomar Movie Download Filmywap, Mp4moviez, Filmyzilla

Ghoomar Movie Download Filmywap, Mp4moviez, Filmyzilla

Ghoomar Movie Download Filmywap, Mp4moviez, Filmyzilla – A teenage batting prodigy named Anina loses her right hand due to an incident. She receives new hope from an insensitive failed cricketer who coaches her using unorthodox methods to change her destiny. They create a brand-new form of bowling called Ghoomer.

Ghoomar Movie Download Filmywap, Mp4moviez, Filmyzilla
Ghoomar Movie Download Filmywap, Mp4moviez, Filmyzilla

Ghoomar Story

Anina Dixit (Saiyami Kher) suffers the loss of her right hand in a freak accident just before making her desired debut as a batsman in international cricket. Until she meets eccentric former cricketer turned drunk Paddy (Abhishek Bachchan), this kills her drive to live.

Ghoomar Cast

Amitabh BachchanSelf
Shabana AzmiAnina’s Dadi
Abhishek BachchanPadam Singh Sodhi (Paddy)
Saiyami KherAnina
Angad BediJeet
Bishan Singh Bedi
Bhagya BhanushaliYoung Jeet
Nupur BhasvarAnina’s friend
Padmanabh BindMale Selector – Morey

Ghoomar Crew

Rahul SenguptaRishi Virmani
Directed byR. Balki
Written byR. Balki
Produced byAbhishek Bachchan

R. Balki

Kuki Grewal

associate producer
KS Jairam

Creative Producer
Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

Ramesh Pulapaka

Parag Rane

line producer
Anirudh Sharma

executive producer
Gauri Shinde

CinematographyVishal Sinha
Edited byNipun Ashok Gupta
Music byAmit Trivedi
Production companies

Ghoomar Review

R. Balki’s Ghoomer, which also has a wonderful monologue by Abhishek, gives magic precedence over logic in order to tell a story of human perseverance and fragility. The narrative of Károly Takács, a deceased right-handed shooter from Hungary who won two Olympic gold medals with his left hand after suffering a terrible injury to his other hand, served as the inspiration for the movie. Indian sports movies have mostly stuck to the traditional rags-to-riches premise, with a few notable exceptions like Jayprad Desai’s excellent cricket drama “Kaun Pravin Tambe?” (2022). The story has been dominated by team politics, the selection procedure for the squad, and an athlete’s financial troubles. With the help of cricket, R Balki’s Ghoomer deviates from this formula to tell a moving and stirring story about human perseverance.

Balki effortlessly dispels prejudices, superstitions, and gender- and age-related duties. Shabana Azmi, who exudes a young vitality, portrays Anina’s cricket-loving grandmother. Her character’s knowledge of ICC cricket laws and regulations, cricket trivia, and technique to formulas for health drinks for professional players, together with the fact that she is a self-described Roger Federer enthusiast (much like the senior actor is in real life), effectively dispels the myth that women are underrepresented in statistics. This begs the question of why female cricket fans are more likely to become cricket anchors than specialists.

It’s a common trope to show the strained but charming relationship between the nasty coach and his player. It is foreseeable but beneficial for Paddy to use a harsh training-toxic coach strategy (remember Whiplash?).

Their acrimonious arguments and talks help the movie. The lonesome Paddy (Padam Singh Sodhi) drowns his grief in a remote home. Their lives are altered by his unusual encounter with Anina. He offers to help her get the skills she needs to bowl with one hand again and rejoin the Indian squad. “Winners ko kaisay lagta hai,” he tells himself, “yeh ek baar mehsoos karna hai.” The plot of the narrative is determined by how the unhappy misfit helps Anina and turns her weakness into strength.

Paddy’s interactions with the women in his life are peculiar. This includes his housekeeper Rasika (trans woman Ivanka Das), who is fiery, and a young cricketer who is facing a debilitating condition.

Rasika tells us about his humanitarian deeds, but that aspect of him has long been hidden beneath a brutally rude, ill-mannered attitude. Only while he is sleeping does he stop spewing a torrent of insults. His wrath has been transformed into stoic silence by years of rejection. He recalls saying, “I once dreamed of playing for India, and I did so for just one day.

Paddy’s persona might be summarized by Meryl Streep’s debut in the “Only Murders” series as an actress who never achieved fame. “All in search of a shining moment where you hope someone will pass by and ask, “Where have you been?” What if those magic words never appear and all you receive is rejection repeatedly?

Playing a character who speaks his truth requires guts on the part of the actor. Ghoomer gives Abhishek the credit he has deserved for far too long. The best delivery of his career is bowled by him. It becomes even more genuine as a result of self-reflection.

Saiyami Kher is the ideal candidate for this exceedingly difficult role because she is a former cricket player who is now an actress. She does a great job at one-handed bowling with just her left arm, which is no easy feat. Her cricketing shots are flawless, and she has an excellent athletic build. The most poignant moments of the movie involve her confrontation with coach Paddy and boyfriend Jeet (Angad Bedi).

Saiyami gives life to a character that didn’t call for her to wallow in self-pity while still allowing her tragedy to be seen. Shabana Azmi’s regal presence and timing are a delight to observe.

Although the performances in Ghoomer are excellent, the script by R. Balki, Rahul Sengupta, and Rishi Virmani is what truly moves you and makes you laugh and cry. Paddy comments to Rasika, “Woh leftie nahi left hi hai,” when discussing Anina. Characters are pleasantly encouraging, forgiving, unpretentious, and kind.

In the final act, the movie has some difficulty. As the creative freedoms become a little too extravagant, it becomes somewhat predictable and audience-pleasing (match sections). Can a one-armed spin bowler who is unable to bat or field properly earn a position on India’s national cricket team?

Are public attention and the selectors’ commitment to fair opportunity enough to change the rules? There are many opportunities for artistic license, but Ghoomer purposefully selects magic, hope, and second chances. “What happens when everything is taken away from you in a matter of minutes?” pops into your head. “Kisisay koi cheez bewaja cheeni jaye, woh galat hai.” Watching this one, it’s clear how devoted to cricket Abhishek, Saiyami, and Balki are.

Ghoomar Trailer

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