Excision movie download in hindi Filmyzilla, 480p

Excision movie download in hindi Filmyzilla, 480p

Excision movie download in hindi Filmyzilla, 480p – Ariel Winter, Roger Bart, Jeremy Sumpter, Malcolm McDowell, Matthew Gray Gubler, Marlee Matlin, Ray Wise, and John Waters are among the cast members of the 2012 American psychological horror film Excision, which was written and directed by Richard Bates, Jr. The movie is a lengthened version of the identical short from 2008. At the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, Excision had its world premiere. Excision performed in the Park City at Midnight category.

Excision movie download in hindi Filmyzilla, 480p
Excision movie download in hindi Filmyzilla, 480p

Excision Movie Story

The 2012 American horror movie “Excision” was written and directed by Richard Bates Jr. The drama and horror-themed movie is well-known for its dark and unsettling themes. Ariel Winter, Roger Bart, Traci Lords, AnnaLynne McCord, and others have significant parts.

The protagonist of the tale is Pauline (AnnaLynne McCord), a neurotic and socially awkward adolescent with dreams of becoming a physician. Her fixation with doing surgery on others and a twisted fascination with medical operations, however, are what fuel her ambitions. She frequently has unpleasant fantasies involving operations, blood, and violence.

The bond between Pauline and her family is fragile. Traci Lords’ portrayal of her mother Phyllis criticizes her beauty and demeanor in addition to her actions. Her younger sister Grace (Ariel Winter), who has cystic fibrosis, is given more care by their parents as a result of her condition.

Due to her psychological and emotional issues, Pauline frequently engages in self-mutilation and has violent fantasies, which cause her to act out in severe ways. Despite having strange tendencies, Pauline befriends Adam, a classmate played by Jeremy Sumpter. She decides to give Adam her virginity as her bond with him grows because she thinks doing so would help her become more “normal.”

The movie explores Pauline’s misguided ideas about who she is, her goals, and how she interacts with others around her. Pauline’s behavior grows more unpredictable and concerning as the plot develops, resulting in uncomfortable confrontations with her family and friends.

Without giving too much away, “Excision” examines issues such as mental illness, dysfunctional families, sexual awakening, and the effects of social pressures and solitude. The movie is well-known for its ominous imagery, sardonic wit, and its frank study of the protagonist’s troubled psyche.

“Excision” contains vivid and upsetting imagery, so it’s not for the faint of heart. Critics have given it varying ratings; some have praised its originality and courage to venture into unpleasant area, while others have deemed the film’s unsettling components to be overdone. “Excision” is a psychological horror movie that provides a challenging and unnerving investigation of the psyche of its lead character and how she interacts with the outside world.

Excision Movie Cast

AnnaLynne McCordPauline
Roger BartBob
Ariel WinterGrace
Traci LordsPhyllis
Matthew Gray GublerMr. Claybaugh
Jeremy SumpterAdam
Matthew FaheyNathan
Sidney FranklinTimothy

Excision Movie Crew

Directed byRichard Bates, Jr.
Written byRichard Bates, Jr.
Produced byDylan Hale Lewis
CinematographyItay Gross
Edited byYvonne Valdez
Steve Ansell
Music bySteve Damstra II
Mads Heldtberg
Production companyBXR Productions

Excision Movie Review

In the movie Excision, a high school outcast goes to considerable measures to appease her controlling, traditional mother. It is a psychosexual thriller, filled with imagery, set against a pastiche of typical teenage angst and desperation, while being billed as a horror movie and having inaugurated the Spooky Movie International Horror Film Festival. It is a masterful, thought-provoking, and scary movie.

The outcast is Pauline (AnnaLynne McCord). She represents being hated because of her scarred acne, messy appearance, and bad posture. But like many other filmic rebels before her, she regards the idea of being liked with near contempt. She is unaffected by what others think.

Even though Pauline wants to become a doctor, she is anything but a perfect student. For her own benefit, she tests her professors and pits her classmates against one another. She doesn’t have any friends, and the local priest is the only person she sees for therapy. She criticizes him for his seeming hypocrisy in acknowledging her moral concerns given that he is, by definition, a rather repressed person.

She lives with her immediate family. Dad Bob (Roger Bart) is successful in something, but his wife Phyllis (Traci Lords) is in charge of him. Because of her kindness, goodness, and sweetness as well as the fact that she has cystic fibrosis, Sister Grace is a family favorite.

Pauline solely cares about Grace out of all the people she regularly interacts with. The impending death of her sister fills her with grief, and she also wishes her mother dead. Extremely typical for a teen, perhaps.

Excision Movie Trailer

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