Dirty Hari Movie Download in Hindi Filmyzilla, Filmymeet, Vegamovies, Moviezwap, Filmywap

Dirty Hari Movie Download in Hindi Filmyzilla, Filmymeet, Vegamovies, Moviezwap, Filmywap

Dirty Hari Movie Download in Hindi Filmyzilla, Filmymeet, Vegamovies, Moviezwap, Filmywap – M. S. Raju is the writer and director of the erotic romantic thriller movie Dirty Hari, which will be released in 2020. Guduru Siva Rama, Guduru Sateesh Babu, and Guduru Sai Puneeth under their production company, SPJ Creations, produced the movie. Simrat Kaur, Ruhani Sharma, and Shravan Reddy play the leading parts. On December 18, 2020, the movie had its digital premiere on the ATT Friday Movies App. The 2005 film Match Point served as a loose inspiration for this one.

Dirty Hari Movie Download in Hindi Filmyzilla, Filmymeet, Vegamovies, Moviezwap, Filmywap
Dirty Hari Movie Download in Hindi Filmyzilla, Filmymeet, Vegamovies, Moviezwap, Filmywap

Dirty Hari Story

In 2020, the romantic suspense movie “Dirty Hari” in Telugu was released in India. Shravan Reddy plays Hari, a young man who becomes caught up in a complicated web of relationships and dishonesty, in the M. S. Raju-directed movie. Love, desire, ambition, and the effects of one’s actions are important themes in the movie.

The narrative centers on Hari, a young artist with aspirations of becoming successful in the music business. He is charming and charismatic, and countless women are drawn to him because of this. However, as Hari becomes involved with several women at once, his relationships become more challenging.

A wealthy businesswoman, a married woman, and a young aspiring singer are all involved in Hari’s affairs. As Hari’s relationships with these women develop, he gets caught up in a number of secrets, lies, and betrayals. As Hari’s relationships deepen and his life starts to fall apart, the movie examines the effects of his choices.

Hari’s choices cause a sequence of unanticipated occurrences as the plot develops, having an impact not just on his own life but also the lives of others around him. The film explores the complexities of interpersonal relationships, moral quandaries, and the consequences of decisions made when faced with temptation and desire.

The story “Dirty Hari” tells explores the more sinister sides of love and relationships by fusing elements of romance, drama, and suspense. The movie tackles issues like loyalty, honesty, and the fallout from pursuing one’s own interests at the detriment of others.

Dirty Hari Cast

Shravan ReddyHari
Simrat KaurJasmine
Ruhani SharmaVasudha
Roshan BasheerAkash
Darbha Appaji AmbarishaVasudha’s father
Keshav DeepakManager
Sreenidhi TirumalaClassical Singer

Dirty Hari Crew

Directed byM. S. Raju
Written byM. S. Raju
Produced byGuduru Sateesh Babu
Guduru Sai Puneeth
CinematographyM. N. Balreddy
Edited byJunaid Siddiqui
Music byMark K. Robin
Production companiesSPJ Creations
HYLIFE Entertainment

Dirty Hari Review

A bizarre cautionary tale that simultaneously hooks you in and repels you, MS Raju’s Dirty Hari is a strange movie. In the end, you find yourself wondering why this movie wasn’t made with better actors or treatment while also applauding the smart use of Chekhov’s gun. Few filmmakers succeed in the erotic thriller genre; MS Raju also nearly veers off course but saves the movie just in time.

Chess player Hari (Shravan Reddy) relocates to Hyderabad in the hopes of becoming successful. He obsessively uses the word “chaana” and has a disgustingly strong desire for two ladies whom he compares to a full dinner and dessert. Vasudha, his wife, is a painter and the stereotypical “nice” girl next door who wears buttalu and volunteers. She is played by Ruhani Sharma. He wants her because she’s wealthy, and she’s anxious to become pregnant.

His friend Akash’s girlfriend Jasmine (Simrat Kaur) is an aspiring actress and model hoping to get into the industry. She embodies the ‘bold girl’ stereotype, speaking up frequently and donning provocative clothing. It’s not hard to guess why he wants her. All hell breaks loose when Hari coerces Jasmine into having an affair with him.

A significant portion of Dirty Hari is devoted to developing Hari’s persona as someone who is continually thirsty for more — more money, women, and status. Additionally, even if romantic sequences are a given in movies of this kind, the fact that they are filmed with a male perspective virtually turns the movie into a snooze fest.

Additionally, when dialogue is delivered with emotionless straight faces, such as “She loves someone, she got f*cked by someone else,” “Oka full meal taravata dessert kavali anipistundi, naku ala dorkindi ee sweety,” and “Manaki pillalu puttadaniki em problem ledu, inkonchem concentrate cheyyamanaru,” it makes you question why you’re even watching this movie.

However, as Hari backs himself into a corner and realizes the women he is with are anything from classic, things start to go differently. And there is no turning back once their claws are out. He gets what’s coming to him towards the end of the movie, but the process leading up to that point is clichéd and foreseeable.

When required to express themselves fully, Shravan Reddy and Simrat Kaur’s performances are inconsistent and fall short. Pulling the rug out from under you, Ruhani Sharma excels in her job and earns your respect. The plot is furthered by the music of Mark K. Robin and the cinematography of Baalreddy.

Despite having some redeeming qualities, Dirty Hari is essentially old wine in a new bottle. If sensual thrillers are your thing, give it a shot.

Dirty Hari Trailer

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