Anal Mele Panithuli Movie Download Masstamilan, Tamlrockers

Anal Mele Panithuli Movie Download Masstamilan, Tamlrockers

Anal Mele Panithuli Movie Download Masstamilan, Tamlrockers – Meley, Anel Dew drips over fire is the subtitle for the 2022 Tamil-language criminal drama film Pani Thuli, which was written and directed by R. Kaiser Anand. The movie, which was made by Vetrimaaran through Grass Root Film Company, stars Andrea Jeremiah and Aadhav Kannadasan. Santhosh Narayanan created the music, Velraj shot the movie, and Raja Mohammad edited it. The movie was broadcast on Sony LIV on November 18, 2022, and reviews from critics were largely favorable.

Anal Mele Panithuli Movie Download Masstamilan, Tamlrockers
Anal Mele Panithuli Movie Download Masstamilan, Tamlrockers

Anal Mele Panithuli Story

Mathi, a sports retailer employee, falls victim to a terrible crime carried out by persons in charge. Despite all the hurdles, can she prosecute the true offenders?

Anal Mele Panithuli Cast

Andrea Jeremiah
Aadhav Kannadasan
Azhagam Perumal
Anupama Kumar
Viji Chandrasekhar
Lovelyn Chandrasekhar

Anal Mele Panithuli Crew

Directed byR. Kaiser Anand
Written byR. Kaiser Anand
Produced byVetrimaaran
Edited byRaja Mohammad
Music bySanthosh Narayanan
Production companyGrass Root Film Company

Anal Mele Panithuli Review

Some of us can sit through a dark, grim, and painful plot without any issues. But what makes it an engaging and captivating watch are the difficulties that the main characters are frequently forced to deal with. Anal Andrea Undoubtedly, Mela Pani Thuli is a brave and compelling story about a rape survivor that discusses powerful males, the anguish that victims experience, and how society fails to treat them with dignity at every level.

However, as the movie goes on, the narrative becomes more depressing, and the way things finish out in the second half isn’t interesting enough.

We first meet Mathi (Andrea Jeremiah) in the first few minutes of the movie. Mathi is a bubbly, outgoing young woman who works as an operational manager at a well-known sports store in the neighborhood. She is the type of person that will go above and above to assist her coworkers when they are in need while also speaking up against them if they make a mistake. To attend the wedding of her coworker, whom she just so happens to save from an abusive relationship, Mathi makes the decision to travel alone all the way to Kolanji, a small village close to Kodaikanal. Unexpected events ruin her life as she is kidnapped and gangraped close to a popular tourist destination.

While a male coworker and another suspect from Chennai are detained by police in the village, who may be planning to hurt Mathi, Mathi is certain that they are unrelated to this terrible act.

Mathi refuses to give up and makes the decision to expose the saviors who are actually the real criminals. Despite the horror she has endured, is she still able to punish the monsters?

It is admirable that director Kaiser Anand aimed to provide an honest account of a rape victim and the ptsd they experienced. Strong speech in the movie’s second half subverts social conceptions of honor. All of this is fantastic, but its storyline and melodramatic writing style are a major letdown.

Only one fight in the first half of the movie genuinely keeps us on the edge of our seats. Without any explosive moments, the second half is otherwise rather predictable and bland. It’s acceptable if the creator’s main goal was to portray an accurate story. However, greater conflict and writing depth are necessary for it to engage the audience.

The film’s technical quality is ordinary and offers little to enhance the emotions that come with a genre like this. Andrea makes the ideal Mathi. She does, in fact, portray an intense atmosphere throughout her performance.

The scene where she reveals the true offenders is excellent, so be on the lookout for that. The Inspector, played by Azhagam Perumal, has performed admirably, especially in the scenes before the climax. In the movie, Aadhav Kannadasan portrays Andrea’s fiancé, and he excels in the part. The writer wasted an opportunity that would have brought Anel Mela Pani Thuli closer to being a Jai Bhim or another Visaranai.

But the movie is worth seeing just once, especially considering the dialogue and the director’s goal.

Anal Mele Panithuli Trailer

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