777 Charlie full movie in hindi download mp4moviez, Vegamovies, Filmyhit, Filmymeet, Tamilrockers, Jiocinema, Telegram Link

777 Charlie full movie in hindi download mp4moviez, Vegamovies, Filmyhit, Filmymeet, Tamilrockers, Jiocinema, Telegram Link

777 Charlie full movie in hindi download mp4moviez, Vegamovies, Filmyhit, Filmymeet, Tamilrockers, Jiocinema, Telegram Link – 777 Charlie is a 2022 Indian adventure comedy drama film in the Kannada language that was written and directed by Kiranraj K. and made by Paramvah Studios. In addition to Rakshit Shetty, Sangeetha Sringeri, Raj B. Shetty, Danish Sait, Bobby Simha, and Aniruddh Roy, Charlie, a labrador dog, plays the title part. The movie chronicles the relationship that develops between a stray labrador puppy and a lonely factory worker.

777 Charlie full movie in hindi download mp4moviez, Vegamovies, Filmyhit, Filmymeet, Tamilrockers, Jiocinema, Telegram Link
777 Charlie full movie in hindi download mp4moviez, Vegamovies, Filmyhit, Filmymeet, Tamilrockers, Jiocinema, Telegram Link

September 2017 saw the announcement of 777 Charlie. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, principal photography was delayed from June 2018 to October 2021. The movie was filmed in a number of places in the states of Kashmir, Goa, Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Karnataka. On June 2, 2022, 777 Charlie had a limited theatrical run. On June 10, 2022, it was released in theaters everywhere.

The cast’s performances—especially those of Rakshit Shetty and Charlie—as well as the script, emotional impact, and direction of the movie won praise from critics. At the time of its release, 777 Charlie was the fifth-highest grossing Kannada film with box office receipts of over 105 crore (US$13 million) worldwide.

777 Charlie Movie Story

A breeder’s home, where numerous dogs were crated and subjected to cruelty, saw the escape of a Labrador puppy. The pup keeps going till it arrives at the Chinmaya colony in Mysore, where Dharma lives. In a colony, Dharma is an outcast who doesn’t interact with anyone and is dreaded by the other residents. His life primarily consists of factory jobs, fights, drinking, smoking, and watching Charlie Chaplin films on TV.

He is an orphan who lives a routine existence due to the death of his sister and parents in a dog-related vehicle accident. The dog is terrified by a musical festival at his colony, and Dharma becomes furious when his sleep is disrupted and destroys the band equipment. The puppy secretly follows Dharma because she sees him as her savior.

The Labrador seeks refuge in the trash can outside his home and sneakily eats the leftover idli that Dharma threw away. It makes fruitless attempts to attract Dharma’s attention. The dog eventually follows him and is involved in a car accident. Dharma brings the dog to the hospital after seeing Charlie Chaplin’s relationship with a dog and feeling sorry for it. Dr. Ashwin Kumar encourages him to keep the dog with him until a potential adopter steps forward and suggests getting a dog license.

Despite his reluctance—the colony residents do not allow dogs—Dharma agrees to take care of the dog, and their relationship develops to the point where Dharma improves as a person. He names the dog Charlie after Charlie Chaplin and shares care of it with Adrika, also known as Adi, a young colony resident.

When Charlie eventually passes out, Dharma discovers that she has cancer (hemangiosarcoma of the spleen), a hereditary abnormality brought on by the breeder’s unfavorable breeding practices and ongoing torment since Charlie is a female dog. Disappointed, Dharma proceeds to grant Charlie’s requests, and it’s there that he discovers that Charlie enjoys playing in the snow since she gets excited whenever it shows on television.

He departs towards Himachal Pradesh with Charlie. Devika, a proponent of animal welfare, believes that Dharma tortures Charlie and resolves to follow him in order to gather evidence before confronting and accusing him. While traveling, Dharma learns about Charlie’s breeder from the veterinarian and gets a video of Charlie being tormented, in which he discovers that Charlie’s real name was Keaton. By referring to Charlie as Keaton, Dharma makes this clear by having him react to the term and display anxiety. When he gets to the breeder’s home, he beats him up.

777 Charlie Movie Cast

Rakshit ShettyDharma
Sangeetha SringeriDevika
Raj B. ShettyDr. Ashwin Kumar
Bobby SimhaVamsi Nandhan
Danish SaitKarshan Roy
Aniruddh RoyGautham

777 Charlie Movie Crew

Directed byKiranraj K.
Written byKiranraj K.
Produced byG. S. Gupta
Rakshit Shetty
CinematographyArvind S. Kashyap
Edited byPratheek Shetty
Music byNobin Paul
Production companyParamvah Studios

777 Charlie Movie Review

There is a proverb that reads, “If you want someone to love you forever, buy a dog, feed it, and keep it around.” The human-dog bond is the main theme of Kiranraj K’s moving picture, which he also wrote and directed.

The 166-minute movie follows the life of a man who is mired in negativity and loneliness and spends each day in the comfort of his alone by going from house to factory to home, fighting, eating Idlis, smoking, and drinking beer. When he encounters a stray female dog (whom he later named Charlie) with a contrasting persona since she is mischievous and vivacious, his world is turned upside down and his view on life is permanently altered.

Their journey from loner to everything to one another, as well as their friendship and love for one another, is endearing. However, a few situations featuring the two of them seem to be pushed too far and usually feel monotonous.

This drama contains a strong and timely message about adopting pets, which can save the lives of these unwanted creatures who need to be saved. The movie also emphasizes the value of having contact with animals that may help with sadness and anxiety, particularly in stressful situations, by making references to the protagonist’s life and his anxiety issues as a result of the tragedy of losing his family members in an accident.

Rakshit Shetty, who is also a co-producer, has a terrific performance in “777 Charlie,” which also shines in terms of acting. His relationship with the female dog has several “so-cute” moments, especially in the comedic situations. The labrador is magnificent, and you can melt in the presence of her beautiful eyes. An Animal Welfare Officer named Sangeetha Sringeri adds to the development of the narrative.

The film’s production design, sound, and cinematography are only a few examples of its indisputable positive elements. The second half settles down and develops into an emotional tale, while the first half is fast-paced and has several LOL (laugh-out-loud) moments.

Maybe the narrative could have been condensed to increase the effect. It’s interesting to note that the dog’s name was inspired by ‘A Dog’s Life,’ one of the numerous Charlie Chaplin films that play in the background of the script.

Fans of Rakshit Shetty and movies that deliver important themes, like the adoption of pets in this case, will like “777 Charlie.” The movie has a lot of heart and soul, and there are some parts that will make you cry at the end.

777 Charlie Movie Trailer

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